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Through the evolution of the Underdog Boxing Club, we have crossed paths with many small business owners that display the Underdog Mentality every day—fighting the good fight and dedicating themselves to their business to provide for their families and those who depend on them. WE THANK and APPRECIATE our sponsors for donating their hard-earned money to our team. The donations allow us to give our fighters and coaches more ring time, extra training, and gear. Most importantly, it gives us more of a chance to provide opportunities to up-and-coming boys and girls that show us they want to dedicate themselves to earning and maintaining the Underdog Mentality in competition and life. 

Thank you sponsors 2021!

Underdog history

Underdog Boxing and Fitness Club of the Bronx is the home of the Underdog Boxing Fight Team. The Underdog Fight team originated in Yonkers, NY in 2017 in a small boxing studio, used to train and spar in preparation for USA Boxing amatuer events in lower Westchester and New York City. It became home for the original Underdog fighters. Not only to continue pushing themselves to compete in amateur boxing but to help others by inviting them to a comfortable place to learn the sport and give great quality personal training sessions for next to nothing. The Underdog Vision started in that small gym for the love of the sport, brotherhood and the willingness to challenge themselves to compete and represent against the best of the best at the amateur level. As time went on Underdog Boxing continued to evolve and outgrew its home in Yonkers and found a new home base in the Bronx, NYC. The small gym has become a Boxing and Fitness facility, offering not only Boxing and Fitness Training but Muscle Recovery, Massage Therapy, and Yoga.

The ideology of being the Underdog is to have the mentality that no matter how skilled or big your opponent is you can defeat them with hard work, dedication, but most importantly the Heart and Desire to come out on top.  We instill this trait in our fighters by leading through example. Hard work and dedication along with raw street style sparring that has been and always will be Underdogs key to success. This Underdog Mentality teaches and gives the attitude to always push yourself to the max and work harder than the next guy or girl. The physical and mental focus goes deeper than just a boxing competition or sports. It brings out the confidence and strength needed to fight the everyday challenges that life puts in front of you. It teaches you to respect yourself first, to show respect to your opponent or neighbor, and to always respect the Underdog.

Underdog News


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